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The Made to Measure Diet Plan

What others have to say about our diet plan

Lindsey Walsh, 31 years old

I started the Made to Measure Diet on the 20th January. My starting weight was 11 stone 6 pounds. I had previously been with Weight Watchers and I had lost 1 stone with them last year. It took me nearly 5 months to do that. I was constantly up and down on the scales. In the end I stopped going and slowly the weight crept back up. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the HCG Diet, I had visions of myself starving everyday and ending up breaking it! To my delight the reality was totally different!

Week 1.
My first 2 days were difficult, but I understood this would happen while my body adjusted to the change and got rid of toxins in my system. By the time day 2 came I felt a lot better. I never appreciated a chicken salad so much in my life! It tasted great and I savoured every mouth full. I was learning to listen to my body and know when I was hungry and realise when I had enough food. Day 7 was my weight in and I couldn’t believe I had lost 7 pounds. I was delighted , it took me 2 months to do this with Weight Watchers and because it was happening so fast now I felt nothing could stop me.

Week 2.
Things were much easier for me. I was trying out new Made to Measure recipes and made lovely tasty meals without fatty sauces or sugary ingredients. I was learning how to use spices and fresh foods. I looked forward to my can of diet coke each day! At my weight in I had lost another 6 pounds. This was totally amazing to me, I had lost the same amount of weight in 2 weeks as I had done with Weight Watchers in nearly 5 months! I was over the moon. Bring on week 3!

Week 3.
Now I was starting to fit into old jeans and dresses and starting to notice the weight loss myself. I'm feeling a lot more confident and sprits are really high. I'm so used to the diet now its normal to me. The hunger is very low and I'm satisfied much quicker with my smaller portion. At my final weight in I am 10 stone 2 pounds. I am delighted with this. It was a hard 3 weeks but the best 3 weeks I have ever done! I spent 5 months on Weight Watchers with my weight going up and down and never really being satisfied with the results and after 3 weeks now I'm sorry I didn’t know about it a long time ago. Thank God for Made to Measure!

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